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Is taking photos of wildlife your hobby? Or lifestyle? Join to explore Tanzania - for everyone who likes photography we offer a "Photo Safari" tour.

The Variety of Wildlife in Argentina
Argentina is rightly famous for being one of the best places to spot puma and mara. It boasts a large range of animals, including fox, lion, and condor.

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Wildebeests are popular animals in Tanzania. They are the main attractions of all the safari tours. Head to the Serengeti National Park if you want to spot these giants. Every year, these beasts migrate to Serengeti and you shouldn't miss the chance to see it. They move along the Mara-Serengeti area.


Elephants in Tanzania are a very common animal. Each wildlife park or forest reserve has a big amount of elephants. These animals are very friendly. Sometimes, during a safari, you might get a chance to approach the elephant. They usually walk in small groups, sometimes they are contained in a certain area. However, if you want to see them in action, head on a tour during migration season.


Dik-diks are small antelopes that never get bigger than 30 to 40 cm (12 to 16 in) and weigh only 3 to 6.8 kg (7 to 15 lbs). They look like a miniature deer. When they feel danger, the female warns other species in the area that it’s time to scoot by making sounds like “zik-zik” or “dik-dik.” These antelopes can reach speed of up to 67.5 km (42 mi) per hour.

Patagonian Fox

Patagonian fox is not a true fox, but The South American gray small fox-like canid. This small, large-eared mammal inhabits the cold and dry Patagonian steppe to either side of the Andes Mountain Range.


The mara is a herbivore. They prefer arid grasslands and brushlands with a great deal of open space.


Patagonia is one of the best places to go whale watching in South America. You can see southern whales and orcas from Puerto Madryn and the Valdez Peninsula in Patagonia. The huge, magnificent southern right whale is probably the most iconic marine mammal in Patagonia.


Also known as the Andean fox or zorro culpeo, lives both in open country and deciduous forests and is the second largest canid species in South America after the maned wolf.

Tips on Animal

01. Choose A Good Camera

Wildlife photography is challenging even for the most progressive cameras out there, so pick a camera with a manual mode. You'll need a full control when the situation becomes too complicated to use automatic features.

02. Protect Your Gear From The Weather

Before you go out, make sure that you have all the necessary gear to keep your equipment safe from the weather conditions.

03. Learn About The Animals

Find out where and what time of day you can find an animal you want to spot. You might not know it but it can be tough to find in the wild. Many of them are so good at hiding, you wouldn’t know they’re there unless you know how to follow their traces.

04. Keep Calm

Use silent shutter on your camera’s. Although it may be tempting to switch to burst mode, you need to use it carefully.

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